Q&A With an S2n Analyst -Meet Kristen!

+ What is your background?

I joined S2N in late 2018 after graduating from Boston College with a B.S. in Biology.

+ What drew you to S2N?

I really wanted to get into healthcare consulting and came across S2N on my school job posting site. I visited the S2N website and started to read through some of the cases and found myself super interested in everything that they were doing.

+ Why did you choose S2N?

I was really drawn to the size of the company and everyone's intellectual curiosity. After going in to interview, it was very clear how much everyone respected yet challenged each other and I found it to be a very stimulating environment.

+ What were your first few weeks at S2N like?

I dove right into a project on my first day and immediately felt like I was learning and contributing to the team. A lot of companies seem to draw out formal training, but I really enjoyed being thrown into meetings and learning on the job. I was speaking on a client call during my first week, speaking with surgeons the next, and presenting on-site by week three. For me, it was the perfect balance of getting to work through things on my own with incredibly accessible mentorship from senior team members. They also mixed in some more formalized training sessions to ensure I had my bearings, but I definitely appreciated not having to wait around for weeks before feeling like I was part of the team.

+ Can you tell me about one of your favorite client projects?

One of my favorite projects was actually my first one. It was a short but pretty intense project where we were working with a device used in brain tumor resection procedures. Our team was brought in to help understand the landscape for devices utilized during these procedures and ultimately help inform the future product roadmap for our client. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to actively be involved in every meeting, speak with incredibly successful neurosurgeons, and just learn more about the space. It sounds kind of nerdy, but our clients are doing really cool stuff and it is so interesting to learn about all of the technologies and clinical spaces they are being used in.

+ What is a typical day like for you?

Yesterday, I spent most of the day finishing up some secondary research and pulling together a slide deck for a client check-in call, which I led the following morning. Today, I am gathering primary research contacts and finalizing discussion guides so that next week I can participate in or lead calls with various physicians to get their perspective on current workflow and a product concept. On any given day though, I can be working with our team, talking to physicians, doing secondary research on background or competitors, building slide decks, interacting with clients, creating financial models, or pretty much anything within the scope of our projects. While work is reviewed by senior team members, I really get to be a part of everything that we present to a client.

+ What is the company culture like?

I really love working for a small company. It not only provides me with the opportunity to actively work with senior team members, such as our co-founders, on a daily basis, but it gives me the chance to get to know all of my colleagues. They are an incredibly smart group of people, but they are also fun and make going to work that much better. We eat lunch together as a team every day and try to make sure we do fun things outside of the office too, like our trip out to Breckenridge last winter! Also, our boss makes sure to emphasize that everyone should have a good life outside of the office, so we work great hours and rarely have to travel, which is definitely not standard for the industry.

+ What is your favorite thing about working at S2N?

Honestly, I just love the work. Every project is so interesting and it is a great feeling to be constantly challenged at work. I am always having to think critically and never spending time on meaningless activities, which I think is pretty rare for the first few years out of college. I am happy to be at work every day and cannot say enough good things about the people I work with. The icing on the cake is getting to bring a special visitor into the office...my puppy Brady!