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Corporate Strategy

S2N Health supports clients in determining the optimal path forward for creating value, whether in forming the initial business plan, positioning the company for commercialization, or pivoting from Plan A to Plan B.

Core Corporate Strategy capabilities:

  • Strategic options identification and analysis

  • Evaluating spin out and partnership opportunities

  • Leadership team meeting facilitation

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S2N is unique in working with both “buy” and “sell” companies to support market diligence and diligence prep, as well as target and partner identification and prioritization.

Core Business Development Strategy & Support capabilities:

  • Market analytics and assessment

  • Management perspective valuation analysis and deal benchmarking

  • Creative target and partner identification leveraging S2N’s extensive network and experience

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In healthcare, many new technologies gain some market traction among early adopters, and then stall out. S2N collaborates with companies to assess the barriers to adoption and devise new organic and inorganic growth strategies

Core Business Unit Growth Strategy capabilities:

  • Sales data analytics

  • Current and target customer research

  • Strategic / channel partner identification

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Market assessment & Pipeline prioritization

Assessing the current trends and opportunities in the market is a crucial step for companies considering launching a new product or service. S2N Health can conduct the primary research and forecasting that will help your business avoid surprises down the road.

Core Market Assessment & Pipeline Prioritization capabilities:

  • Data-driven market sizing and growth projections

  • Innovative primary research (quantitative and qualitative)

  • Rigorous prioritization methodologies

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For companies nearing commercialization in the US or Europe, S2N applies its operational industry experience to support companies with pricing decisions, launch planning, and channel strategy, tapping its deep network of industry professionals to craft successful and feasible commercialization plans.

Core Go-to-Market / Commercialization Strategy capabilities:

  • Launch planning

  • Channel strategy

  • Pricing strategy

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S2N Health’s insight on pricing and reimbursement, as well as access to large databases and sophisticated modeling, enables us to develop robust pricing strategies to maximize the value of innovations.

Core Pricing and Market Access Strategy capabilities:

  • Access to large datasets

  • Quantitative analytics and pricing research

  • Knowledge of industry pricing benchmarks

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S2N has worked with emerging and established companies to quantify the value of their innovative technologies in support of fundraising, key product decisions, pricing strategy, and sales growth.

Core Health Economics & Outcomes Research capabilities:

  • Access to multiple large healthcare databases

  • Advanced quantitative analytical capabilities

  • Deep knowledge of quantifiable metrics